Restaurant «‎Golubie Kupola»‎

The menu of our restaurant is self-made and based on traditional methods of cooking national dishes of Central Asia with the inclusion of gastronomic directions of Europe, China, India, Persia, etc., which corresponds to the concept and philosophy of our restaurant, based on the idea of   the “Great Silk Road”, the road uniting the peoples of Europe and Asia, organically reflected not only in the menu, but also in the interior and architecture of the building.The dishes presented by our restaurant embody the centuries-old culinary traditions of the peoples of Central Asia, the generosity of the fields of our Motherland, the hospitality and warmth of the people of the East and a huge global gastronomic experience. We hope our dishes will pleasantly surprise you and your exquisite taste. Bon Appetit!
For the ancient sculptors who created the eastern domes, the heavens themselves served as their muse. Rising over the city many centuries ago, these marvelous domes still compete with the blue color of the sky. Time has spared many of the masterpieces of oriental builders, but even if not a single architectural monument had survived, the unique look of the bright blue vaults would still be immortalized in history!
At the end of the day, the eastern sky loses its blue, as if it burns out under the rays of the Central Asian sun. And only the colors of the blue glaze covering the vaults of the domes do not fade. This unique glaze is the secret of the ancient masters. In the Twentieth century, experts found that the wood of a rare Angof tree, ground into powder, was added to the paint. Nowadays technology has stepped forward and completely different materials are used for finishing a work, but the magic of «Golubie Kupola» has not gone anywhere! Domes of stunning beauty were also erected in our institution, covered with sky-blue smalt on the outside, and decorated with the finest work of folk craftsmen on the inside. A chandelier of stunning beauty complements the entire composition.
Do you want to enjoy all this beauty live? Then welcome to the «Golubie Kupola» restaurant, we will be glad to see you as our guest!

Wedding ceremonies and photo sessions in the unique interior of the restaurant

For 50 years, the «Golubie Kupola» have been just like a business card of Tashkent. The architecture of the restaurant was created by V. Muratov at the end of the 60s, and the interior was updated by a creative group of artists and architects of the «TIM» company, which gave a second breath to the unique building .. The peculiarity of this project is confirmed by numerous TV programs, interviews and, of course, photo shoots, romantic marriage proposals and weddings. Events that remain in the memory of families for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The «Golubie Kupola» are the history of Tashkent and its inhabitants!
Do you have a wedding ceremony planned and you want your interior for photo session to be unforgettable? A photo session in the «Golubie Kupola» restaurant is a series of zones straight from an oriental fairy tale, each of which is stylized in its own way. Against the background of skillful wood carving, multi-colored majolica and of course, domes with chic chandeliers, a magnificent wedding photo session in the restaurant will come out.
Any bride will feel like a princess in the interior of luxurious furniture specially brought for decoration of the restaurant from the best world collections.
P.S. The unique interior of the restaurant allows you to significantly reduce the cost of decorating the hall during festive events.

Signature dishes from the chef

The dishes of the author’s cuisine, like the works of an artist, should be different from everyone else’s on the market. If this is a truly author’s cuisine, each dish should be unique, the one which cannot be tasted anywhere else in the World. If the chef is so prolific that he came up with several dishes, but the whole menu of the restaurant, the cuisine of this restaurant can be called author’s. In the European restaurant business, you cannot be considered a famous chef without your own signature dishes. For example, awarding Michelin stars is only possible for restaurants with signature cuisine. Author’s cuisine in old Europe means the creation of unique gastronomic delights. Therefore, an author’s restaurant is in any case higher and more expensive than a usual, even a very decent restaurant with any national cuisine. 
The menu of the «Golubie Kupola» restaurant offers more than fifty dishes that you cannot taste anywhere else in the world. These dishes were created within the walls of our restaurant and their recipes are kept secret with the utmost care. Following the concept of interweaving oriental thought and modern trends, national cuisine and gastronomic heritage of many countries within the walls of our restaurant such dishes as “Trout baked in tandoor in banana leaves”, “Almond cream soup with basturma”, “Salad with couscous,” wok vegetables, grapes and cherry plum marshmallows ”and many others. We invite you to visit the «Golubie Kupola» restaurant and taste the unique dishes from our chef yourself!

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